Marathon Fellowship Class - Stonebriar Community Church

Led by the teaching ministry of Dr. Wayne Stiles

God’s Attributes for My Blessings and My Decision for His Pleasing.

Imanuel Christian teaches about “God’s loving care expressed through His attributes and our response to live life pleasing to Him”. Psalm 139

Walking The Road Less Traveled

Wayne Stiles teaches about “Two paths lie before us each day, depending on whether or not we meditate on God’s Word”. Psalm 1

When Jesus Misses Your Funeral

Wayne Stiles helps us look into John chapter 11, where Jesus reveals that sometimes his delays in our lives offer us greater benefits than immediate relief ever could.

The Benefit of the Doubt

Wayne Stiles teaches about how God uses our doubts to strength our faith from Matthew 11:2-11.

Darkness and Light

Rhome Van Dyck teaches about being light during days that are filled with darkness.

How to Struggle with God and Win

Wayne Stiles teaches from Selections from Jacob’s Life in Genesis 27-32

Your Faith Never Gets Old

Wayne Stiles teaches from Genesis 24:1-25:11

Staring Death in the Faith

Wayne Stiles teaches from Genesis 23.

This is a Only Test

Wayne Stiles teaches about God testing Abraham’s faith from Genesis 22.

The Life of Blessing We Choose

Imanuel Christian teaches a Lesson on the first chapter of the book of Psalm

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