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Walking the paths of righteousness – Psalm 23:3

Imanuel Christian teaches a lesson on Psalm 23:3b, walking in the paths of righteousness as the Lord leads us on the way holding our hand so our life is blessed and the Lord is glorified. 

Jesus’ Judgment of Forgiveness: Woman Caught in Adultery

Imanuel Christian teaches about the woman caught in adultery and Jesus’ judgment of forgiveness.

The Lord Restores My Soul – 23rd Psalm

Imanuel Christian continues to explore the 23rd Psalm, this Sunday speaking about He (the Lord) Restores My Soul; the Lord our Shepherd continuously continues to restore our body, spirit and soul as we continue to walk with Him and continue… Continue Reading →

He leads me beside quiet waters – Psalm 23

Imanuel Christian continues to explore the 23rd Psalm, this Sunday speaking about He (the Lord) leads me beside the quiet waters; life filled with all the spiritual blessings as we walk with Him all the days of our life.

He Makes Me Lie Down – Psalm 23

He Makes Me Lie Down Imanuel Christian teaches on verse 2 of Psalm 23.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want – Psalm 1:1

The phrase I shall not want is usually understood in a material sense, I will lack nothing. But the deeper meaning is that the Lord is enough for me, I am fully satisfied in Him. I want nothing else, nothing more.

No Peace on Earth – Revelation 12:1-11

Christmas did not bring peace on earth, but it started war in heaven and war on earth (Revelation 12:1-9). But the baby born two thousand years ago accomplished four things (Revelation 12:10-11): The plan of salvation was accomplished. The Kingdom… Continue Reading →

The LORD My Shepherd Is

Imanuel Christian teaches on the first two Hebrew words of Psalm 23.

God’s Attributes for My Blessings and My Decision for His Pleasing.

Imanuel Christian teaches about “God’s loving care expressed through His attributes and our response to live life pleasing to Him”. Psalm 139

The Life of Blessing We Choose

Imanuel Christian teaches a Lesson on the first chapter of the book of Psalm

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