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Month November 2023

God Can Work Through You – Titus 3

Wayne Stiles teaches from Titus 3 how God can work through your life. God’s grace reminds us that we are not saved by good deeds but for them. A fruitful Christian life engages in good deeds that meet needs.

How God’s Grace Helps on Mondays – Titus 2:9-15

Wayne Stiles teaches from Titus 2:9-15 how the grace of God is more than for our eternal salvation, but it also helps us in the daily grind of life. God’s saving grace is our motivation for godly living.

God’s Desire for Women and Men, Young and Old – Titus 2:1-8

Wayne Stiles teaches from Titus 2:1-8 about God’s desire for women and men, young and old. The Apostle Paul urges us that we never retire from the Great Commission, and we should determine to be an example of good deeds,… Continue Reading →

Secrets of an Inspiring Life – Titus 1

Wayne Stiles teaches from Titus 1 the secrets of an inspiring life. The qualities of church leaders are more than a checklist of impossibilities. They are qualities of character we all should strive for, because they represent the character of… Continue Reading →

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