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Month August 2023

Don’t Stop Casting that Seed – Matthew 13:1-23

In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus tells us that it is our job to sow.  We need to sow the Word of God (the seed).  God is responsible for the soil, the heart of the hearer.

Life on Earth 2.0 – What You Need to Know about God’s Kingdom – Selected Scriptures

Wayne Stiles teaches what the Bible has to say about God’s future Kingdom on earth and how it applies to each of us. Believers should seek first His kingdom and His righteousness – and be His witnesses. Unbelievers should take… Continue Reading →

What the Lord Looks for in Our Lives – Selections from Matthew 25 and James 2

Wayne Stiles teaches from the book of James and from Matthew what the Lord is looking for in the lives of Christians.

Angels, Prodigals, Women, and the Holy Spirit (Q&A Part 4) – Selected Scriptures

Wayne Stiles discusses questions about angels, prodigals, women, and the Holy Spirit—from a biblical perspective in this final part of our Q&A sessions.

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