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Month June 2023

God’s Surprising Approach to Helping Us Grow – Leviticus 26-27

Wayne Stiles teaches from Leviticus 26-27 that God’s surprising approach to helping us grow involves giving us His Word and His promise to bless obedience. When we blow it, God’s discipline motivates repentance—so that He may bless His people once… Continue Reading →

Standing in the Evil Day – Ephesians 6:16 and other verses

Responsibility of the believer for the preservation of our nation.

All Your Hopes – Fulfilled – Leviticus 25

Wayne Stiles teaches from Leviticus 25 how our hopes will all be fulfilled in the ultimate Year of Jubilee. Until then, our life should reflect our belief that all we have God has provided. Our hands should hold loosely our… Continue Reading →

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