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Month September 2022

The Lord Restores My Soul – 23rd Psalm

Imanuel Christian continues to explore the 23rd Psalm, this Sunday speaking about He (the Lord) Restores My Soul; the Lord our Shepherd continuously continues to restore our body, spirit and soul as we continue to walk with Him and continue… Continue Reading →

The Fear of the Lord – Isaiah 11:1-3

In today’s culture of fear, it is important for the believer to recover a healthy understanding of the fear of the Lord. Recognizing that the fear of God is not a call to be afraid of God but rather an… Continue Reading →

Questions and Answers – Part I

Wayne Stiles walks through some questions asked about the Bible and the Christian life, with answers from Scripture.

How to Get that Dirt Off Your Hands – Isaiah 6

Wayne Stiles teaches from Isaiah 6 how to get the dirt off your hands—and cleanse your heart from a guilty conscience. Ultimately, our goal cannot be to feel better about ourselves, for this never satisfies. God gives us a bigger… Continue Reading →

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