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Month August 2022

How to Break Your Generational Curse – 2 Kings 22

Wayne Stiles teaches from 2 Kings 22 and the life of King Josiah that we can break our generational curse by remembering that our model for living is not our parents’ example—but God’s Word. Like Josiah did, we should tear… Continue Reading →

God Will Never Give Up on You – 2 Kings 21; 2 Chronicles 33

Wayne Stiles teaches from the life of King Manasseh in 2 Kings 21 and 2 Chronicles 33 that what we refuse to learn through instruction, God may teach us through struggle. God stands ready to forgive even the worst sinner…. Continue Reading →

How to Face Your Fears with God – 2 Chronicles 32

Wayne Stiles teaches from the life of King Hezekiah in 2 Chronicles 32 to face your fear with faith and prayer to the God who is in control. God’s truth bring peace when the hard facts bring fear.

What Happens When People are Bigger than God – 2 Chronicles 24

Wayne Stiles teaches from King Joash’s life in 2 Chronicles 24 what happens when people are bigger than God. (Bad stuff.) We need to cultivate personal character and conviction, which can only occur by a personal walk with God.

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