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Month June 2022

Avoiding a Royally Wrong Response – 1 Kings 12:1-20 (King Rehoboam)

Wayne Stiles teaches from the example of King Rehoboam in 1 Kings 12:1-20 how to avoid a royally wrong response. Ironically, trying to justify our selfish desires never leads to the satisfaction we seek. Instead, our truly selfless acts offer… Continue Reading →

What you do with Fallen Angels – Hebrews 11

Humans sin. How should you treat those who sinned? How should you be treated? What about God?

What to Do When Nothing Satisfies – Psalm 63

Wayne Stiles teaches from Psalm 63 what to do when nothing in life satisfies us. We each have a thirst only God can satisfy, and the Lord promises to satisfy us when we earnestly seek Him.

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