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Month May 2022

AMERICA, GOD SHED HIS GRACE ON THEE: Providential Events in the Founding of the United States

During the War of Independence and the founding era, numerous events occurred for which the Founders had no explanation – they could only attribute their good fortune to a superior being, and they regularly used words like “providence,” “divine protection,”… Continue Reading →

He leads me beside quiet waters – Psalm 23

Imanuel Christian continues to explore the 23rd Psalm, this Sunday speaking about He (the Lord) leads me beside the quiet waters; life filled with all the spiritual blessings as we walk with Him all the days of our life.

Dying with Unfulfilled Dreams – Genesis 50

Wayne Stiles teaches from the death of Joseph in Genesis 50 that we can trust that the details of our present struggle serve as vital parts of God’s grand plan. We can die with unfulfilled dreams because God’s promises extend… Continue Reading →

How to Best Plan for Yesterday – Genesis 49

Wayne Stiles teaches from Genesis 49 that tomorrow’s privileges can never substitute for today’s obedience. Rather than presume on the future, believers in Christ should remember that blessings follow those who dig in and endure faithfully.

When God Makes Zero Sense – Genesis 47-48

Wayne Stiles teaches from the life of Joseph in Genesis 47-48 that we should be shrewd with the world so as to benefit God’s work, and God can use our moments of greatest despair for tremendous blessing.

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