Led by the teaching ministry of Dr. Wayne Stiles

Month April 2022

God’s Comfort When You’re Afraid to Follow – Genesis 45:16–46:30

Wayne Stiles teaches from Genesis 45–46 how God’s comfort us when we’re afraid to follow Him in a season of uncomfortable change. The four promises God made to Jacob are also the Lord’s promises to us.

One Perspective that Changes Everything for You – Genesis 44:1–45:15

Wayne Stiles teaches from the life of Joseph that the peace we long for only comes through personal sacrifice—as we learn to look at every event in life through the filter of God’s sovereignty.

When Others Have it Better than You – Genesis 43

Wayne Stiles teaches from the life of Joseph in Genesis 43 that God never asks us to understand His sovereign will. Instead, just trust Him. What’s more, God never wants us to compare ourselves with others. Instead, just trust Him.

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