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Month November 2021

How God is Guiding Your Life – Ruth 2-3

Wayne Stiles teaches from Ruth chapters 2-3 that our so-called “chances” in life are really God’s choices. Every good opportunity is not a call from God, but the Lord urges us to wait for His best.

When God Disappoints You—Where Can You Go? – Ruth 1

Wayne Stiles teaches from the book of Ruth chapter 1 that when God disappoints us, we need to be honest with God about our feelings and to look for His blessings hiding in plain sight.  

Where We Begin Again with God – Selections from Revelation

Wayne Stiles teaches from the book of Revelation that we can begin again with God. The images of Revelation highlight God’s ultimate desire to bless Israel and the Church—all who will come to Him through Jesus Christ.

In God We Still Trust

Carl Flowers traces America’s Christian heritage through the words and writings of our founders. Here is the link to the handout: IN GOD WE STILL TRUST hndt

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