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Month January 2021

What Did You Expect from God? – Selections from Mark 8-10

Wayne Stiles teaches from the book of Mark that the cross we carry in life reveals our expectations of following Jesus, and Christ is willing to disappoint our expectations now so that we’ll have greater joy in the resurrection.

Judge Not – What Did Jesus Mean? – Matthew 7:1-6

Wayne Stiles teaches from the book of Matthew on Jesus’ famous words in Matthew 7:1: “Do not judge so that you will not be judged.” Did Jesus mean never to judge? If so, how do we apply His other words… Continue Reading →

Why We Do All We Do – Selections from the Book of Zechariah

Wayne Stiles teaches from the book of Zechariah that our primary motive for our spiritual activities is God’s glory

How to Keep First Things First – Haggai 1

Wayne Stiles teaches from the book of Haggai that the time will never be “just right” for putting first things first. But keeping God’s priorities first pleases and glorifies Him—and benefits us beyond any temporary compromise.

“No Shame On You” Zephaniah 3

Wayne Stiles teaches from the Book of Zephaniah that only the death and resurrection of Jesus provides the potential to reveal and to heal our shameful secrets.

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