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Month November 2020

“What to Do When God Does Nothing” Book of Habakkuk

Wayne Stiles teaches from the book of Habakkuk that when we’re distressed by what God isn’t doing—or is doing—we should remember “the righteous will live by faith.”

“Clinging to the Hope of God’s Justice” Nahum 1

Wayne Stiles teaches from the book of Nahum how we can ease the burden of our personal injustice with the hope that God knows the truth—and He will make things right in His time

“When God Sends a Storm of Grace” Jonah 1-4

Wayne Stiles teaches from the book of Jonah that God loves us enough to provide storms of grace that urge us to repent. God still wants to use us in spite of our failure. In fact, the Lord wants our… Continue Reading →

“All We Gain by Putting Pride Aside” Book of Obadiah

Wayne Stiles teaches from the book of Obadiah how the misplaced pride of Edom would become their undoing. That principle points to our lives and urges us to embrace all we can gain through God by putting our pride aside…. Continue Reading →

Keeping Focus: Isaiah 6:1-8

David Souther teaches about how to keep the main thing the main thing

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