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Author Vladimir Pikman

Talking Yom Kippur – Leviticus 23:26-32

Rabbi Vladimir Pikman explains significance of the Day of Atonement and its fulfillment in Jesus the Messiah.

Sukkot and Afterlife

Vladimir Pikman teaches on the eschatological significance of Sukkot and the Jewish view on the afterlife as related to the Bible.

What you do with Fallen Angels – Hebrews 11

Humans sin. How should you treat those who sinned? How should you be treated? What about God?

To the Jew First

How the power of the gospel can impact lives of all peoples, starting with the Jewish people.

True Forgiveness

Vladimir Pikman teaches on true forgiveness from the words and examples of Jesus and Stephen.

Creation Truths

Vladimir Pikman teaches from Genesis 1:1 about the creation and provides a Messianic Jew’s perspective.

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