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Month June 2024

How to Handle Hardship – Acts 14:19-23

Life is filled with many challenges.  The question is, “How do we handle them?”  That’s where the life experience and the wise words of Paul in Acts 14:19-23 give us direction on navigating choppy waters.  Steve McCoy speaks on “How… Continue Reading →

Great Missionary Training – Acts 14:1-18

Dr. Luke, the author of Acts, gives us a thumbnail sketch of the first missionary journey of Paul and Barnabas as found in Acts 13-14. In this lesson, Steve McCoy focuses in on 14:1-18 where we learn key truths on… Continue Reading →

The Practice of Truth in Testing/Trials – James 1:19–2:26

Stephen Kim teaches from James 1 and 2 on the subject: The Practice of Truth in Testing/Trials, from his series — “James: The Epistle of True (Living) Faith.” PowerPoint-Slides-06022024

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